LibreOffice Templates

Welcome, this site is a repository of templates for LibreOffice. Use of these templates is at the user's own risk. These templates may contain macros which can contain viruses. If you desire to use them we recommend LibreOffice security settings set to medium. This will make sure you recieve a prompt before all macros.

Do You Have LibreOffice?

These templates are designed for LibreOffice a free open source office suite. They will not work with Microsoft Office and compatibility is not guranteed with OpenOffice. If you need a copy of LibreOffice you can download it for free from


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Single Sheet Calendar Template v 2016 This is a template that contains a macro that opens a dialog asking for the month and year. Once that is input it fills in the month name and fills in the table with the days of the month. This template requires that LibreOffice has security set to medium or lower. Medium is recommended.
Perpetual Calendar A perpetual calendar that adapt to the language installed on the system. You just have to enter the year, and it provides you with at calendar for that year, one month per sheet. Except for the introduction on the first sheet it automatically adapts to the local language - thanks to the power of LibreOffice ! Download